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Transforms object:

This is the return object for the transforms.

$mt = new MaltegoTransform(); //Creates transform object.

Available Methods:

Method Name Description Returns
$mt->addEntity(String Type, String Value) Adds an entity to the transform object. Entity Object
$mt->addUIMessage(String message, String messageType ) Adds user-interface message. --(Available message types: FatalError, PartialError, Inform, Debug) None
$mt->returnOutput() Returns transform output to Maltego. Maltego Message

Entity object:

$me = $mt->addEntity(String Type, String Value);

Available Methods:

After creating a entity with the addEntity method in the table above, you can customize the entity that is returned with the methods below:

Method Name Description Returns
$me->setType(String Type) Setter for the entity Type. None
$me->setValue(String Value) Setter for the entity Value property. None
$me->setWeight(String Weight) Setter for the entity Weight property. None
$me->setDisplayInformation(String displayInformation) Setter for the entity display information property. None
$me->addAdditionalFields(String Name, String displayName, String matchingRule, String Value) Set additional fields for the entity. -- (Available matchingRules: strict, false) None
$me->setIconURL(String iconURL) Setter for the entity Icon URL (entity Icon) property. None


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