PHP iTDS Library Reference

Transforms Response object:

$mt = new MaltegoTransformResponse(); //Creates transform object that will be returned to the Maltego client.

Available Methods:

Method Name Description Returns
$mt->addEntity(String Type, String Value) Adds an entity to the transform object. MaltegoEntity object
$mt->addUIMessage(String Msg, Const type) Shows a message 'msg' in the MaltegoGUI. (Available Types: UIM_FATAL, UIM_PARTIAL, UIM_INFORM, UIM_DEBUG). None
$mt->addException(String Msg) Adds a transform exception. None
$mt->throwExceptions() Throws a transform exceptions. None
$mt->returnOutput() Returns transform output to Maltego GUI. MaltegoMessage

Transform Input object:

$mi = new MaltegoTransformInput(); //creates input entity object.

Available Methods:

Method Name Description Returns
$mi->getEntity() Returns the input entity. Input Entity object

Attributes from the Input Entity Object

Attribute Name Description
$mi->type The input entity type.
$mi->value The input entity value.
$mi->weight The input entity weight.
$mi->additionalFields The input entity properties.
$mi->transformFields The input entity transform settings.
$mi->slider Transform slider value.

Output Entity object:

$me$mt->addEntity(String Type, String Value) // Creates a MaltegoEntity object that will be returned with the transform output

Methods to define transform output entities:

Method Name Description Returns
$me->setType(Sting Type) Sets the entity type. None
$me->setValue(String Value) Sets the entity value. None
$me->setWeight(Integer Weight) Sets the entity weight. None
$me->setDisplayInformation(String Value) Sets the entity Display info. None
$me->addPropertyFields(String propertyName, String displayName, String matchingRule, String Value) Adds a property to an entity. None
$me->setIconURL(String URL) Sets the entity’s Icon. None
$me->sanitizeValue(String Value, Boolean html?) Sanitizes the inputted value. None
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