iTDS Server

The iTDS is the internal Transform Distribution Server and is a web application that allows for the distribution and management of transforms, seeds and settings. Essentially the iTDS means that your transforms are written as a web services (or application/pages), and the iTDS will call these scripts from different servers on your network.

The easiest way to think of a iTDS is as a proxy for transforms. The clients sends a request to the iTDS that then calls the script remotely and returns the response, this can be seen in the image further down on this page.

This document will explain how to set up your own iTDS server in your own environment and its basic use. This should not be confused with the TDS which is the public version of the iTDS that is hosted by Paterva and free for anyone to use. Some of the sections in this guide are applicable to all Maltego servers and some sections are specific to the iTDS.

The iTDS guide is split into three sections each linked below. 

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