View Tab

The View tab in the Maltego client allows you to configure settings relating to the view of your graph. The following sections will describe what each of the view options will do to your graph.

Figure 157: View tab


Views are used to extract non-obvious information from large graphs – where the analyst cannot see clear relationships by manual inspection of data. Views can be used to determine the size and color of entities based on different properties of the graph. It is possible to write your own views however is beyond the scope of this document.

Custom views can be created from the Manage View window that can be opened from the dropdown menu shown below:

Figure : Manage Views

The seven views that come with Maltego out-the-box are covered in layout sidebar section.

Graph layout

Figure 159: Graph layout options

The graph layout allows you to configure various layout options for your Maltego graphs which determine how entities are drawn in relation to each other. Each of the graph layout options are explained in the layout sidebar sections.

Entity Alignment

Figure 160: Entity alignment panel

Options found under the entity alignment panel can be used to “justify” entities to a different alignments on the graph.

Figure 161: Link label panel

The link labels and properties panel in under the View tab allows you to set what is shown on a link.

Show Custom Link Labels allows you to choose whether link labels are shown on the graph. This is a global setting that can be overwritten by individually set link label properties. Show Transform Link Labels will show the name of the transform that created the link when the option is checked.

Figure :Show Transform Link Labels Checked

Properties affect appearance

The Properties Affect Appearance checkbox allows you to choose whether a link’s properties affect the appearance of the link on the graph.

Entity Notes

Figure 163: Entity notes panel

The entity notes panel under the View tab simply allows you to set a global setting of whether entities notes should be shown on the graph:

Figure 164: Hiding entity notes

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